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Dub Turbo Offers One of Kind Audio Quality for Downloadable Software   no comments

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Most online and Internet-based beat makers and sound engineering programs offer simple MP3 files for your creations. MP3 compresses your track and leaves it flat, making it nothing less than a shell of the beat you thought it could be. For the kind of pop and kick you hear in the hottest beats on the radio or in the clubs from your favorite producers you need a sound file that can let the beat breathe.

Broadcast quality sound used at the top studios is the industry standard for masters. This quality is recorded on wave files at 44.1 k. These files provide the extra space that a beats needs to stretch its legs and really pop. Dub Turbo is the only place you can find broadcast professional studio quality in a downloadable beat making software.

Don’t settle for MP3 quality that leaves you flat, wave file beats recreate your dub turbo beats as you record them without compressing them and decreasing their pop. Experience the 44.1 k wave file, one-of-a-kind software that blows online beat makers out of the water.

Written by admin on January 19th, 2011

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